May 6, 2021

NuroKor appoints Director of Clinical Affairs to lead clinical programmes

News & Info Team
NuroKor BioElectronics

NuroKor appoints Director of Clinical Affairs to lead clinical programmes

NuroKor is delighted to welcome Wim Laloo, who joins us as Director of Clinical Affairs. Wim will lead the strategy and development of the company’s numerous and growing number of clinical studies. He has previously led clinical  teams in the medical device industry - ensuring the transition of scientific ideas into clinical projects.

Wim brings more than 15 years’ experience in the design, implementation and management of clinical projects, from ‘First in Human’ feasibility studies, randomised clinical trials focusing on new therapy applications, to post-market studies and registries. He has previously worked with Nevro Corp, a multi-national neuromodulation and medical device company with CE-marked and FDA-approved spinal cord stimulating technology.

As part of his role at NuroKor, he will oversee all aspects of the clinical programmes, setting up and leading the Clinical Affairs department – ensuring the consistent production of clinical evidence and evaluation of patient safety.

With a strong background in leading clinical teams for global medtech organisations across the European and Australian markets, Wim is an advocate of neuromodulation and bioelectronics. He said:

“After more than 10 years’ spent working as part of the clinical team in the field of neuromodulation, I saw first-hand how new therapies were developed and how much impact they had on patients’ lives. Many of those treatment options are still underestimated in the medical space. 

“I also see NuroKor’s products impacting several treatment algorithms. Drugs often produce several side effects (an example is the current opioid pandemic in the pain field). I see the NuroKor products as an addition to the standard treatments, or even progressing as a valid alternative for current pharmaceutical options. 

“NuroKor has the significant advantage of offering various non-invasive treatments to different patient groups. And in conjunction with NuroKor’s partners,  the efficacy of these new treatments will be investigated, in various clinical studies, which is a great opportunity I wanted to be part of.”

Wim will develop a clinical research strategy focusing on the technology’s different treatment options and progress several research initiatives with NuroKor’s partners - including some of the UK’s leading universities and NHS trusts.  He added:

“Although my role will focus mainly on clinical affairs in the medical market, as a qualified physiotherapist and former Ironman athlete, I also have a good understanding and first-hand experience of the needs for athletes and the consumer market. 

“I see NuroKor developing as a healthcare company, addressing current patients’ needs for individual treatment and offering a range of personalised, bioelectronic therapies.”