The power to improve life is growing
beyond perceptions of possibilities.

We’ve developed treatment formulations that can help turn on the body’s own bioelectrical power. We combine the latest understandings of neurophysiology and molecular mechanisms to power a new wave of ultra wearable personal devices that work in natural harmony with the body system.

Everything we do


Our pain and immune systems can be controlled through the nervous system. Our muscles can be stimulated to produce the peptides and proteins essential for healthy body systems. Our natural microcurrent can be boosted to help the body’s own healing process.

Evidence based

Over the last 10 years there's been a surge in evidence for the potential for bioelectronic medicine to help treat a wide range of diseases and conditions. Our own body natural electromechanical systems can help mitigate inflammatory diseases like arthritis, improve stroke recovery and epilepsy . Recent clinical studies have shown our muscles, nervous system and bioelectricity can be harnessed to treat pain, improve circulation, promote wound healing, alleviate mood and reverse muscle wasting.

We look at the evidence, from Cochrane reviews, systematic reviews and randomised controlled trials. We study the full range of clinical uses for bioelectronic medicine. We then distil the results into our into treatment applications.

Easy to use

We’ve developed easy to use technologies that replicate these processes. Our treatment formulations use three clinically proven technologies, programmed into palm-sized devices that can help block pain, speed body recovery, improve performance and co-ordination - not just sport, but in almost every physical endeavour, at all ages and all stages.


The formulations the heart of our KorOS operating systems
activate the body system to help kill pain, speed recovery, improve performance and accelerate healing

NuroKor® PNS Peripheral Nerve Stimulation.
Blocks pain by interrupting nerve pathways. Stimulates endorphin release.

NuroKor® NMS. Neuromuscular Stimulation.
Speeds recovery by stimulating circulation and the production of the peptides and proteins necessary to maintain healthy bodily function. Protein and peptides exert multiple biological actions promising treatment of various diseases and disorders, body tissue repair. Helps combats muscle atrophy, improves strength & assists performance gains.

NuroKor® MCS. MicroCurrent Stimulation
Increases production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), the high-energy moleculet hat stores the energy we need to do just about everything we do. Stimulates intracellular signals involved in protein synthesis. Assists wound healing and injury repair, helps performance enhancement and pain management