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Breakout personal biomedical devices that combine proven pain management, physical therapy, enhanced performance and faster recovery. Scientifically formulated, they empower anyone, at any age, with the means to activate the body’s own natural bioelectricity

Incredible devices

Ultrawearable devices that are easy to use, easy to understand. Fast, effective relief for all types of chronic and acute Pain. Precision targeting and adjustable means the Pain modes can hit pain wherever it appears in the body. Perform modes activate strength and power gains and Recovery functions relax muscles, ease aches and strains. Add the treatment power of four sequential Microcurrent formulations and the power of body natural wellness is right in the palm of the hand.

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Pro series devices for athletes, physical
therapists and everyone that trains hard
and competes fast

Intelligent training, clever recovery, smart pain relief

Our PRO-series provides athletes, physical therapists and sportspeople who train and compete on a regular basis with specific treatment modes that can helps optimise strength and endurance, while promoting faster recovery and relieving pain.

Regular training use can increase endurance, strength and explosive power. Shapes body, relaxes muscles and relieves pain. Incorporating app-driven, intelligent muscle monitoring which senses optimal muscle vibration amplitude then adjusts individual training intensity for the optimum muscle activation.

Ease & Recovery


Intelligent muscle tech




for the clinic

harnessing clinical care

NuroKor Bioelectrical technologies are increasingly being developed for a widening range of clinical applications. In Anaethesia, Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS) , train-of-four monitoring, is used to assess neuromuscular transmission when neuromuscular blocking agents (NMBAs) are given to block musculoskeletal activity. Assessing the depth of neuromuscular blockade, PNS can ensure proper medication dosing and thus decrease the incidence of side effects. In Theatre technologies. PNS  is used for ongoing monitoring in the intensive care unit (ICU) and paediatrics orthopaedics; NeuroMuscular stimulation, (NMS) has crossed the border from sport into clinical practice as a preventative and rehabilitation tool, including pre op preparation and condition, post operative and surgery recovery, depth of muscle relaxation and rehabilitation. Evidence shows that by promoting cellular regeneration, correct Microcurrent ( MCS) treatment formulations  have beneficial effects in cutaneous wound healing . Different applications and modalities of MCS can promote healing, reduce inflammation and participate in tissue repair. Studies have also shown MCS to be successful in the treatment of patients with leg and diabetic foot ulcers as well as being effective in the management of diabetes mellitus, hypertension and chronic wounds.   MCS can also help increase foot blood circulation and reduce pain of diabetic neuropathy.

The benefits of bioelectricity can also range well beyond the technologies alone. Recent findings show that empowering  patients themselves with the means to control pain relief may improve patient self-efficacy, help strengthen internal locus of control, mitigate depression and contribute to positive health behaviours.

empowering patients

Arthritis relief for a new generation. In our own hands.

Dual app control empowers patients to self-treat both knees at the same time, relieving joint pain and helping restore joint mobility. Microcurrent treatment formulations help reduce inflammation, promote the body's healing systems and assist the processes involved in in tissue repair.


Dual PainKiller
MC2 Microcurrent:  with four sequential treatment formulations




for the future

empowered, our future is bright

the electric ecosystem

Along with empowering us the means to treat pain, treat injuries and promote healing,  besides steps and heart rate, wearables already capture data about blood pressure, blood oxygen, calories used and sleep tracking. Emerging Artificial Intelligence will mean future wearables will track and treat health far more holistically.  

Five years from now, integrated wearables will be an inevitable part of our lives, with the ability to monitor health conditions and predict the cause of diseases based on the symptoms;   Ai will help us control our pain and immune systems, stimulate our muscles to produce the peptides and proteins essential for our healthy body systems and promote healing using our body natural microcurrent. Ai will match nutrition for proper lifestyle management; measure stress and raise alerts; monitor air quality and adjust the temperature in our homes based on our body temperatures,

More than half of Millennial parents would have their young children wear them, including infants, toddlers and up to five-year-olds. We are already developing the next generation of devices and evolving biolectronic technologies that will integrate into this future ecosystem -by developing technologies that will work in natural harmony what we wear, how we live and how we work, we aim to help you take control over your own quality of life.

For now and for the future.