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July 27, 2022

NuroKor appoints Chief of Staff to streamline activities

Published on: 
July 27, 2022
NuroKor Team
Published on: 
December 21, 2022

NuroKor appoints Chief of Staff to streamline activities

Meet NuroKor's new Chief of Staff - Aelin Raines

After a period of sustained international and UK growth, NuroKor has appointed operations professional Aelin Raines as Chief of Staff.

Aelin’s key focus will be streamlining the current structure and business processes, enabling NuroKor to deliver the best consumer and healthcare solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Originally from Australia, Aelin moved to the UK three years ago. During her career she has built up extensive experience in improving performance, productivity and efficiency - working for a number of organisations including major brands such as Allianz. She has also led the operations function for startups spanning industries including technology and digital marketing.

One of her key strengths is establishing robust organisational structures to help companies to grow and develop. She enjoys testing out the ‘pipeline’ to ensure a smooth customer journey and that productivity is maximised.

Aelin Raines, NuroKor's Executive Operations Manager

Starting work within the insurance and personal injury claims sector provided Aelin with first-hand experience of dealing with people affected by sometimes life-changing injuries, often accompanied by chronic pain.

She said: “I was regularly dealing with customers who had been injured in car accidents. I had many claimants in my portfolio that were undergoing physiotherapy, taking opioids and they were still in a lot of pain to the point where it was affecting their quality of life in more ways than one. 

“When I first researched NuroKor, what struck me was how good it would have been to be able to inform these people about NuroKor technology and how it could potentially ‘give them some of their life back’.

“It is great to be a part of a team focused on achieving their goal for NuroKor to be used widely by people, instead of them having to take strong painkillers, as well as being offered by healthcare systems all over the world.

“Having lived with chronic pain myself for the last 10 years, as well as anomalies within my body, I hope that by using the NuroKor therapy, that I will no longer be in constant pain.

NuroKor's mitouch complete body therapy system and KorGlov in action.
“I feel that with NuroKor’s growth acceleration and becoming more widely known, you will eventually find a product in every home. I don’t know a single person who hasn’t suffered from pain and there is a way to help deal with that to make it less debilitating, without having to take medication.”

Outside of work, Aelin loves flexing her brain with a puzzle and tends to gravitate towards anything with numbers, doing sudoku or playing crime and mystery board games to relax. She has also completed over 30 escape rooms, having travelled to different parts of the UK and the US to take part. 

She also enjoys Muay Thai training and spoiling her Netherland dwarf rabbits.

About NuroKor:

Founded in 2018, NuroKor is a company committed to the development of bioelectronic technologies. NuroKor develops and formulates programmable bioelectronic software for clinical and therapeutic applications, in a range of easy to use, wearable devices. It provides the highest-quality products, delivering personalised pain relief and recovery support and rehabilitation to patients.