Global population suffering from diabetes


Yearly cost of diabetes to NHS

1.5 million

Deaths globally from diabetes in 2019

Electrotherapy for diabetes

Managing diabetes usually requires regular injections and careful management of diet and lifestyle. We‘re turning the power of bioelectronic medicine to reducing the burden on patients.

Electrotherapy has been tested for use in type 2 diabetes where it has shown remarkable potential in reducing dependence on insulin. Research shows the potential to greatly lower the risk of hyperglycaemia after meals and to reduce blood glucose levels.

One individual even reduced their daily insulin requirement by 50%.

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Not just for diabetes

Bioelectronic medicine will revolutionise healthcare for several reasons: it‘s non-invasive, comes without risks of addiction, and is incredibly versatile.

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS)

Applying peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) both lessened pain and reduced insulin requirement.

Applying neuromuscular electrical stimulation both reduced the risk of hyperglycaemia after a meal and increased energy usage, aerobic fitness and strength.

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how we do it
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NuroKor has big ambitions and bioelectronics is a new and rapidly developing field, but we’re always happy to share our knowledge in more detail.