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Women worldwide on average who suffer pain globally


Women worldwide affected by endometriosis.

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Our Femtech devices are wearable, discreet and fit in with your daily life. You can wear them comfortably under your clothes while still controlling them remotely with the app to give you the level of treatment you need.

Effective pain management for women’s health will soon be available.

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When hot water bottles or gentle exercise don’t give the results you need, our customisable and wearable technology provides effective pain management choices that work with your lifestyle.

Period pain affects an average of 55% of women worldwide but there are so few consistently reliable treatment options. The disruption to daily life, loss of work hours, and sheer inequality of this situation is something that we are committed to changing with our Femtech devices.
Our revolutionary multicurrent technology is proven to reduce period pain and even works on other, serious conditions such as endometriosis.


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We’re firm believers that everyone should live the life they want to live and that’s why we’re developing technology that fits every need – from athletes looking to push themselves further to people just looking for pain management. Find out more below.
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