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How it works

Electrical signals are a core part of how our bodies work. Our technology uses this to optimise recovery and offer a range of benefits.
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NMS can boost circulation and the production of peptides and proteins that are essential to a healthy body. You can also re-educate muscle action with NMS to achieve greater contraction speed and strength.
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When combined, NMS and MCS optimise recovery – whether that’s from injury or exercise. Relaxing muscles, reducing inflammation, and gently massaging all work together to get you back out there sooner.

What you can achieve

The greatest gains are not made in the gym or on the field, they’re made in the moments between exertion when your body repairs and recovers.

This is the time when you push yourself to new heights. Our technology supports improved blood flow, oxygen supply and post-stress recovery, all while combating pain and inflammation.


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Recovering from an injury takes time – we’re here to speed that process up.