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Treat pain


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Boost healing

Technology for our companions

Driven by the belief that humans should not be the only ones with the tools to improve quality of life, we turned our bioelectronic expertise to animal healthcare. We provide non-invasive, technology-based treatment programmes for animals in a customisable, easy-to-use format.
KorDog is our signature technology for canine health and wellbeing – check out what we‘re doing to make a difference in your dog‘s life.
EquiPod was our first animal health technology, giving horses ground breaking treatment options for better lives.


how we do it
Our revolutionary, non-invasive technology has applications throughout society, and it is our mission to elevate bioelectrical treatment methods and their benefits in all areas – read more below.

All our work has been built on the principle of delivering clinically proven and effective tools for optimising health outcomes.