Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Combats all types of chronic and acute pain, reducing pain intensity, frequency, and duration
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NeuroMuscular Stimulation

Speeds up recovery from exercise, improves circulation, helps relax muscles, and boosts performance.
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Microcurrent Stimulation

Boosts muscle healing and reduces inflammation and pain, optimising recovery after injury or surgery.
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World-first, Sequential Microcurrent

MCS is not a new treatment method, but NuroKor is the first to truly refine and optimise it to deliver the results that users need. The body sends electric signals that we can mimic to provide health benefits. Our innovation is combining multiple microcurrent patterns and running them in sequence to provide a more versatile and effective treatment option.

The power of personalisation

Clinicians already look to prescribe what will work best for you. NuroKor takes this to its logical conclusion, using AI, rigorous testing, and user feedback to give you hyper-personalised treatment programmes for unbeatable outcomes.

Everyone is different – something that we at NuroKor celebrate – and this extends to each person’s own physiology. So why should we have blanket treatments that are the same for every person?

These every-person treatments are often strong and have unintended side effects, with some people not responding to the treatments. Technology offers the chance to tailor treatments to an individual’s specific needs, so they don’t have to area and are learning all the time, adopting the latest machine learning techniques to make sure everyone can benefit in the way they want.

Our impacts

Our technology makes a difference in clinical, therapeutic, athletic, and animal settings – see how we do it below.

In action

how we do it
Our signature technologies stimulate multiple physiological systems, offering versatility in one package. We use the latest technological innovations to produce market-disrupting treatments that work.
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Dogs are more than just pets – they‘re family members. Our revolutionary KorDog technology provides dog owners a way to manage pain and boost quality of life. All customisable, non-invasive and easy-to-use.
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Equine athletes push themselves to the limit, no matter their discipline. EquiPod offers a way to raise those limits, optimising recovery from exercise to boost performance, as well as aiding healing from injuries
NuroKor’s revolutionary technology is regulatorily approved and rigorously tested, and we actively promote testing by unaffiliated third parties to build awareness of the benefits of bioelectronic therapy.
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We’re on a mission to give millions of people non-invasive, drug-free ways to cope with pain and to optimise their recovery from exercise and injury - all through the power of technology.