Healing speed of ischemic skin ulcers with MCS compared to without


Increase in ATP (vital for healing) level with MCS

Improving your healing

Healing is a complex process but our technology is specially designed to support it.

Reduce inflammation

Inflammation is a central part of healing, but there is a risk of it becoming uncontrolled and a chronic problem. Our technology can lessen inflammation in both acute and chronic cases, keeping things as they should be.

Boost new blood vessels

Regrowth of blood vessels is one of the main stages of healing, and our electrotherapy can improve and mediate the formation of new vessels – meaning that wounds heal better.

Promote new tissue creation

Replacing tissue lost in an injury is just another way that electrotherapy helps wound healing. By promoting the production of dermal fibroblasts, we can improve healing, particularly of the skin.

Technology for your health

Our technology is a safe, non-invasive, and drug-free way to support your body. Whether you‘re looking to stay in peak shape or get back on your feet after an injury, our Woundtech options offer you the tools to feel better in yourself.


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