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Combining app-driven software with the most advanced microcurrent treatment programmes, we can enhance equine recovery, manage pain, and promote optimum performance. The future of equine health is now.

EquiPod utilises our signature microcurrent stimulation to provide a non-invasive, yet highly effective form of treatment that is known to address a diverse range of equine injuries and conditions. Better yet, this is all delivered through one versatile device that combats both acute and chronic issues and associated symptoms.

Localised Benefits:
• Reduction of inflammation
• Increased production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)
• Increased ionic flow
• Restoration of bioelectrical potentials
• Accelerated tissue healing

Equipod equipment

New developments

Successfully in production and expanding across North America, EquiPod is proving itself as the most effective and proven equine health technology thanks to its tailored sequential microcurrent programmes.
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