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18-39 year olds experience pain every single day


Back pain cost to UK economy


Overall power increase for athletes using NMS training

It's personal

At NuroKor, we understand each person’s body is unique, with different physiological responses to pain management and conditions. We‘re ready for the future, when tailored therapies will be the norm rather than the exception.
55% of women suffer pain globally but there is a chronic lack of consistently effective solutions. Our tech changes the game.
Looking to run faster or push harder? Our tech gets your muscles ready to go sooner so you can reach the heights you dream of.


We’ve already made waves with our revolutionary Lifetech devices that are popular around the world with people seeking a better quality of life on their terms.
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how we do it
Discover the other ground breaking options that NuroKor provides for clinical and animal health settings and learn how we are improving society for everyone.
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A product of expertise, commitment and innovation, NuroKor wouldn’t be where it is without the team behind it.