What we do

We develop revolutionary treatments for problems across health and wellbeing using bioelectronic medicine – stimulating the body with electrical signals to alleviate symptoms and optimise the body’s function.

We take the principles of health technology and apply them in innovative ways, creating a range of devices to deliver treatment for all members of society.

We don’t stop there, as we use AI and machine learning to refine and optimise our technology.

Bioelectronic medicine is the future of healthcare and it’s our goal to accelerate its growth.

Our approach

Healthcare innovation requires collaboration between experts in medicine, technology, and science. We‘ve brought together people at the tops of their fields to design new healthcare technology to better people‘s lives.

But that’s not all. We partner with health care providers, universities, and athletes to test our technology – not only to help us refine it, but to build the body of literature around bioelectronic medicine.

Raising awareness of its benefits and showing the diverse range of treatment options that bioelectronic medicine offers is central to our vision of revolutionising healthcare and wellbeing for everyone.

The means to a better quality of life is within reach, all through the power of bioelectronic technology.