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February 13, 2023

Brankica Ljamić leads NuroKor into South East Europe

Published on: 
February 13, 2023
NuroKor Team
Published on: 
September 11, 2023

Brankica Ljamić leads NuroKor into South East Europe

NuroKor’s international reach is growing for both NuroKor Lifetech and NuroKor Animal Healthtech’s equine technology and we are now moving into South East Europe. To lead our activities in the region, we are joined by Brankica Ljamić, who brings regional connections and a wealth of expertise to not just this, but the business as a whole.

After being introduced to NuroKor’s technology via an acquaintance and experiencing its benefits first hand, Brankica saw real potential in the technology. She became an investor and talks about expanding into South East Europe followed not long after, a process that Brankica will lead.

She shares our vision for healthtech making a difference in people’s lives over the long term, and sees NuroKor as an organisation achieving that.

“I believe the most important thing is that you really believe in what you're doing. That it makes sense, that it has meaning. If it's only for money, if it does not bring benefits to others, to the community, to people, then what’s the point? Maybe it can be a success, but it's not going to be sustainable.” - Brankica Ljamić

Her many strengths come from two distinct elements in her background - a professional one and an academic one. She has a BA in both clinical and industrial psychology, a Master’s of Business Administration and Management, and a PhD in Organisational Sciences with a focus on SMEs. 

For the professional side of things, Brankica has run her family’s business for many years, but the primary source of her skills is her work as a business psychologist and coach. In business coaching, she found the perfect application of her psychology knowledge, so she completed many courses to be certified and is now one of only 1200 people in the world with a Master Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation (and only 200 of those also have a PhD!).

All that means that she has the knowledge and experience to help NuroKor grow in a well structured manner, including setting up the processes and systems that are essential for a company to have as it expands. Of course, this is all on top of her significant presence in South East Europe, where she will be working with regional figures to bring our technology to market.

Brankica runs Sinhronia, which provides business and personal coaching, along with a coaching school. A central tenet of her philosophy is that it’s not possible to separate personal and professional lives and development, so she works with people to manage both sides of their lives in concert.

Outside work, Brankica is a keen walker who loves to spend time in the incredible scenery of South East Europe - and she really appreciates our technology’s support with recovery after a long day in the mountains. She is also a passionate traveller, eager to discover history and current life in various cultures.  If she’s not in the mountains or travelling, then you can probably find her either at the theatre or having coffee with friends, an essential part of life in SEE. 

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