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February 15, 2022

Jo Rogers appointed as Head of Legal as NuroKor extends its reach into global markets

Published on: 
February 15, 2022
NuroKor Team
Published on: 
December 21, 2022

Jo Rogers appointed as Head of Legal as NuroKor extends its reach into global markets

As it extends its international reach, NuroKor has appointed Jo Rogers, a dual-qualified lawyer admitted to practice law in New York and England, as its new Head of Legal. Jo has specialised in helping early-stage companies worldwide to raise investment, to buy and sell other companies and to list on the AIM stock exchange.  

She has worked both in private practice and in-house with SME businesses and FTSE 100 company subsidiaries, helping early-stage companies to raise funds of over half a billion US dollars.
Jo Rogers, NuroKor Head of Legal

While working for a US firm in the City of London, she built up substantial experience in corporate transactions involving international clients, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, private equity and company law.  

Jo has led key reviews of commercial agreements and provided support to regulatory and transactional projects, while establishing robust systems and processes, speeding up internal review and approval of contracts. Bringing a wealth of corporate and international experience, Jo specialises in legal consulting and corporate, trademark, IT, copyright, employment and business law. She said:

“I have a unique understanding of the legal profession and the challenges facing a fast-growing business, such as NuroKor. The company is on an exciting journey and is experiencing a period of sustained growth and expansion into new markets - both in the UK and internationally.

“As well as supporting its ethos to offer people more choice and control  over their health using the latest technology, my aim has always been to provide innovators and disruptors with the legal support that they need to realise their ambition and accelerate their growth. I’m delighted to join this forward-thinking company and its talented team.”

As part of her role, Jo brings to the NuroKor team, in-house legal expertise that is usually available only to large corporations. She added: “I’m looking forward to supporting NuroKor as it grows, to get the best deals possible, both with inward investment, suppliers and partners. My approach is all about securing bigger deals, with smaller risks.”

Outside of work, Jo enjoys presenting and public speaking and over the past year, she has interviewed 30 small business owners to understand their experiences during lockdown. With her Dad, she has created a course for lawyers, which requires them to work in the ‘underworld’, while they develop key leadership and business skills. 

Jo has also completed gruelling Kung Fu training with Shaolin Monks at the Shaolin Temple in China.

About NuroKor:

Founded in 2018, NuroKor is a company committed to the development of bioelectronic technologies. NuroKor develops and formulates programmable bioelectronic software for clinical and therapeutic applications, in a range of easy to use, wearable devices. It provides the highest-quality products, delivering personalised pain relief and recovery support and rehabilitation to patients.