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October 11, 2022

Olly Butterworth back on the pitch sooner with NuroKor | Case Study

Published on: 
October 11, 2022
NuroKor Team
Published on: 
September 11, 2023

Olly Butterworth back on the pitch sooner with NuroKor | Case Study

Bioelectronic technology has great potential, not just for relieving pain but optimising recovery after surgery and injury as well. NuroKor ambassador Olly Butterworth is a member of the elite Parachute Regiment and a professional rugby player, currently playing for York City Knights.

Winner of the Infantry Sports Person of the Year 2022 and with a promising start to his 2022 rugby season, scoring two tries in his first match, Olly looked set to make his mark. However, in his second game he dislocated his shoulder, and the injury was severe enough to take him out of contention for playing the rest of the season.

As someone who has always been active, being forced to sit on the sidelines hasn’t been easy for Olly. His injury happened in early 2022 and we spoke to him a few months later.

“Not being able to train, not being able to do your job and just sort of sit there on the physio table every day is just a bit boring for me. But it is one of those weird cliche things where they say that it just makes you better. And it is one of those things where I think now I'm seeing the light in the tunnel with getting back to being fully fit. It does sort of wisen you up to certain things, so hopefully it doesn't happen again, but we'll see.”

Olly Butterworth practicing rugby

The difference with bioelectronic technology

Olly is no stranger to the benefits of NuroKor and our technology, as he was a member of the Great Britain national bobsleigh team - who have been involved with NuroKor for some time - before his professional rugby career. He spoke to Mark Hopkins of Hopwoods Pharmacy, who told him about some of the successes that other people have had with incorporating NuroKor Lifetech devices into their recovery routine.

“[Mark] said that for a lot of people have found they've come back months before they were actually expected to come back. And it seems to be ringing true with me as well.”

Seven weeks after his operation, Olly went for a follow up with the doctor.

“I had my follow up appointment with my surgeon two weeks ago and at that time I was seven weeks post op. She was looking at my shoulder and she was like, oh, you are three months post op, aren't you? And I was like, I'm seven weeks.”

Recovery time for an injury like Olly’s that requires surgery is normally between four and six months, but his progress is already well ahead of the best-case scenario. In fact, the team at York City Knights were expecting him to be out until January 2023, but it seems that he will now be able to return by November 2022 instead and take part in pre-season training, which is essential not just for the team’s skills but for conditioning to avoid injuries and maintain fitness levels.

With his recovery well on the way, Olly won’t be leaving NuroKor behind, but will be taking our technology with him. Rugby is undoubtedly a physically demanding sport and he is keen to make good use of anything that will give him a boost to recover between games and ensure he remains in the best shape he can. He has even got some of his teammates interested in our technology.

We’re delighted that our technology has made such a difference to Olly’s recovery and are sure that he will have a successful season once he’s back on the pitch. His story goes to show the potential that bioelectronics has to revolutionise multiple areas of health, both for elite athletes and for everyday use. We all suffer injuries from time to time, and if the effect on Olly’s recovery could be replicated for everyone, then that would be a great benefit for health services.

Olly Butterworth

To hear more about Olly's incredible recovery, read the full interview with him.

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