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January 27, 2021

Orthopaedic surgeon and avid runner overcomes plantar fasciitis with NuroKor aid

Published on: 
January 27, 2021
NuroKor Team
Published on: 
December 21, 2022

Orthopaedic surgeon and avid runner overcomes plantar fasciitis with NuroKor aid

Giving pain a run for its money: How consultant orthopaedic surgeon and avid runner Mr Tim Owen MB BCH FRCS (ENG) FRCS (Orth) overcame plantar fasciitis with NuroKor

When keen distance runner and consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Tim Owen, started experiencing the excruciating pain that comes with plantar fasciitis, he was determined to find an effective solution before the condition threatened to run him off the road completely. 

Left: Tim Owen; Right: Avid runner

As an experienced orthopaedic surgeon with more than 20 years experience under his belt, Tim is no stranger to lower limb injuries, but after trying almost every possible treatment - from insoles and splints, to physiotherapy and even just rest - Tim was at a loss. 

Luckily for him, a recommendation from his trusted pharmacist meant he started using NuroKor’s mitouch device with KorShoe accessory to treat his condition - and in a matter of weeks, Tim had made a full recovery and was able to end his year-long hiatus from running. 
NuroKor mitouch and KorShoe product

We spoke to Tim to find out more about his NuroKor journey, and why he is now recommending the technology to his own patients:

Tell us about your passion for running?

I’ve always been a huge fan of running. From an early age I was running at a county level in my hometown and also ran competitively all throughout university. For me, running is the perfect sport - it keeps me fit and healthy, it’s great for the mind and it’s something I can easily fit around my working life. As a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, finding the time to pursue any sport or hobby can be a challenge, but running is something I’ve always been able to fit into my schedule.

On average, I manage about 30 miles a week - and I can definitely still put people half my age through their paces!

How were you affected by plantar fasciitis? 

I’ve been pretty lucky throughout my running career and have suffered with very few injuries - but a few years ago, plantar fasciitis began to flare up in my left foot. The pain quickly became excruciating and at times, I could barely walk - let alone run. 

I tried all forms of treatment - rest, regular physiotherapy, insoles, splints - all of which failed to make any difference. The only treatments I didn’t try were injections, which I was keen to avoid as I am aware of the risk of ruptures. It was a hugely frustrating process and in the end, I was unable to run for about 12 months. 
How did you discover NuroKor?

My pharmacist and good friend Mark Hopkins introduced me to NuroKor. He has been recommending bioelectronic technology to his customers for a while now and spoke very highly of the devices and its results. 

Although I was somewhat sceptical initially - largely because I had tried so many routes already with little success - I trusted Mark’s opinion and decided to give NuroKor a go. I started using the device on the pain control setting for around two hours every evening, and then started using the recovery function as well. 

Within a week, I could already notice a difference in my pain levels. After two to three weeks, the results were dramatic and I was able to start light jogging again - and by 6 weeks, I had made a complete recovery and was able to start running again, every day. I was amazed. 
NuroKor mitouch in use
Would you recommend NuroKor to others?

Absolutely. I hadn’t come across bioelectronics for pain management or recovery before but having used the device for myself and read into the area a lot more, I can see there is huge potential for this kind of treatment to change how people handle their chronic pain or injuries. 

The NuroKor technology is simple to use, easy to apply and has no damaging side effects - and most importantly - in my experience, it really does work. 

About NuroKor:

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