April 30, 2020

The Microcurrent Edition

Marnie Faundez
Communications Manager

The BioElectronics Podcast delves into microcurrent and its benefit.

At one millionth of an ampere, microcurrent is a bioelectric modality that operates at the cellular level and produces a range of physiological effects. In this 2-part episode, Rick is joined by Chloe Stockwell-Clarke, Head of Technical and Development at NuroKor, and Dr James Somauroo, back once more, to talk about: Rick's journey to understanding microcurrent,  the science behind microcurrent - mechanisms of action, conditions it treats, benefits to patients and of course... the evidence behind it.

Later in the episodes they delve deeper into how Chloe views bioelectronics, why physicians and surgeons are looking towards microcurrent with interest as the evidence base develops. And they explore how microcurrent can be a particularly effective modality for equine and other animal health.

Click here to listen to part one of 'Microcurrent'

Click here to listen to part two of 'Microcurrent'

New episodes of The BioElectronics Podcast are released weekly on a Thursday. It is currently available to listen to on Spotify and Anchor.

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