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December 21, 2022

NuroKor shortlisted for New Statesman Positive Impact Awards

Rick Rowan
Published on: 
December 21, 2022
Nurokor Team
Published on: 
December 21, 2022

NuroKor shortlisted for New Statesman Positive Impact Awards

We’ve been shortlisted for the New Statesman Positive Impact in Healthcare Award!

The calibre of the other finalists in the Healthcare Impact category, including Manchester University, NHS groups including Imperial College NHS Trust, and more, is a clear sign of the scale of just how much positive change can be made, and is already being made in healthcare.

Being shortlisted is a great honour. We are extremely proud of our work and the difference that our technology is making for so many people around the world.

How we make a positive impact

So how are we making a difference? Our technology is capable of supporting the management of many different health conditions, addressing some of the biggest unmet health needs and health inequalities on a global scale. In fact, addressing these unmet health needs is one of the factors that drives us to do more and constantly refine and improve upon our innovations.

Every single person should have easy access to treatments and therapies that can improve their life. While there are currently some limits on bioelectronic technology, there is extensive research, conducted by our team and other experts in the industry, that shows just how powerful it can be. From diabetes to wound healing, bioelectronic technology provides a non-invasive, non-pharmacological treatment option that can be easily applied by anyone.

An area where our technology is capable of making a significant difference is women’s health. Millions of girls and young women suffer from period pain and too many of them do not have adequate relief. The pain causes missed school, work and social activities, and, as a result, they risk falling behind their peers. We are working to provide new, effective, reliable pain management options to make sure no person experiencing period pain has to miss out.

The initial launchpad for our journey to improve healthcare is our consumer-focused NuroKor Lifetech, which creates ultra-wearable and portable devices that give people all over the world ways to easily manage pain and optimise their recovery. Lifetech has seen significant success across all age groups and for multiple uses, ranging from elite athletes using it to optimise recovery and improve performance, to people looking for pain relief from arthritis, sciatica, and many other conditions. Lifetech proves that a better quality of life and health is possible through technology and that increasing numbers of people are recognising this.

We’ve recently extended our capabilities into animal care, with the successful launch of our world-first equine therapeutic, EquiPod, proving that the benefits of electrotherapy reach far beyond just humans. If we can enjoy better treatments, why shouldn’t we share their effectiveness with our four-legged companions? EquiPod has already made waves in the equine market thanks to its ease-of-use and effectiveness.

Backing it all up - reports from the field and the lab

A scientist with a clipboard and microscope
Research and evidence are the cornerstones of our technology

As with all scientific and medical endeavours, evidence of efficacy is important. Happily, we can say that the evidence is extensive.

We encourage third-party testing and are collaborating with several institutions on testing for further explorations into a wider range of situations and uses. Real-world evidence is also important, and we recently conducted a survey on the benefits of Lifetech that found 91% of users experienced a significant or total reduction of pain after using Lifetech.

It’s this solid foundation of research and evidence that gives us confidence, not only in our technology but also in the positive impact we know we’ve already been able to have for so many people and animals globally - the exact impact that has seen us shortlisted by the New Statesman. 

New Statesman Positive Impact Awards

Excitingly, these are the first New Statesman Positive Impact Awards! We know the ceremony will be a great opportunity to celebrate organisations and individuals making real, positive change. The categories include energy, transport, finance, healthcare, high street, environment and technology. 

The winner will be announced on 6 December so keep an eye out for the results!

About NuroKor

Founded in 2018, NuroKor is a company committed to the development of bioelectronic technologies. NuroKor develops and formulates programmable bioelectronic software for clinical and therapeutic applications, in a range of easy to use, wearable devices. It provides the highest-quality products, delivering personalised pain relief and recovery support and rehabilitation to patients.