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April 19, 2023

TECH4EVA 2023 Accelerator Program: NuroKor Femtech Selected for Groundbreaking Opportunity

Rick Rowan
Published on: 
April 19, 2023
Nurokor Team
Published on: 
April 19, 2023

TECH4EVA 2023 Accelerator Program: NuroKor Femtech Selected for Groundbreaking Opportunity

We’re thrilled to announce that NuroKor Femtech has been selected to participate in the TECH4EVA 2023 Accelerator Program! This is a major milestone for our company, and we are excited to be part of this prestigious programme that is dedicated to supporting and advancing women’s healthtech startups.

The TECH4EVA 2023 Accelerator Program is a 9-month programme designed to support femtech startups to grow and reach their full potential. The programme provides us with access to top mentors, investors, and resources that will help us accelerate our growth and achieve our goals. We are honoured to have been chosen for this programme and are excited to work alongside other inspiring femtech startups.

At NuroKor Femtech, we are committed to developing innovative solutions that empower women to take control of their health and wellbeing. We believe that the TECH4EVA 2023 Accelerator Program will provide us with the support and resources we need to achieve our vision and bring our technology to women around the world. We are excited to embark on this journey and look forward to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

NuroKor Femtech's selection for the programme

What it means to us to be chosen

Period pain affects an average of 55% of women globally and causes significant costs and impacts to the economy and individuals through missed school, work, and social events. The rapidly growing market of tech solutions is one that our offering, Mihna, will tap into.

We see this as an incredible opportunity to grow to the next level and make a real impact in women's health.

As a company, we are committed to improving the lives of women and people with uteruses through innovative technology. Being a part of this programme will allow us to connect with other like-minded individuals and businesses, learn from experienced mentors, and gain valuable insights into the industry. We are excited to collaborate with others and make meaningful progress towards our goals.

Benefits of the TECH4EVA 2023 Accelerator Program

Being chosen for the TECH4EVA 2023 Accelerator Program is an incredible opportunity for NuroKor Femtech. Here are some of the benefits of the TECH4EVA 2023 Accelerator Program:

Access to mentors and experts

One of the most significant benefits of the TECH4EVA 2023 Accelerator Program is the access to a wide range of mentors and experts. The programme will connect us with experienced professionals across the femtech and healthtech space, who can provide us with valuable advice and guidance on a range of topics, including product development, marketing, customer relations, and fundraising.

Networking opportunities

Another major benefit of the TECH4EVA 2023 Accelerator Program is the networking opportunities it provides. Participants and programme partners are drawn from femtech startups and businesses active around the world, while we will also have the opportunity to meet potential investors and partners. We’re looking forward to building relationships with others in the industry and the opportunities for collaboration and growth they will bring, as well as helping us make the biggest impact for women’s health.

Programme partners

The TECH4EVA 2023 Accelerator Program has a range of companies and organisations that support the startups taking part through their expertise, whether that’s in the form of workshops, tailored advice, or networking, and are an invaluable element of the programme. EPFL Innovation Park and Groupe Mutuel are founding partners, while the others are network partners.

EPFL Innovation Park

The EPFL Innovation Park is a prestigious science park in Switzerland, supporting disruptive innovations and the transfer of technologies of the EPFL and other regional academic partners. It provides flexible office space, training, acceleration and coaching services to 250 high-tech companies: start-ups, SMEs and R&D centres of large companies.

Groupe Mutuel

With an overall turnover in excess of 5.6 billion Swiss francs, Groupe Mutuel has over 1.3 million individual customers and around 24,000 companies are insured with Groupe Mutuel.


BioAlps is a life sciences cluster based in Western Switzerland, whose mission is to promote the region as a world-class centre for innovation and to foster growth by creating synergies between academia, entrepreneurs, investors, authorities and new businesses.


CSEM is a Swiss private, non-profit research and technology organization with more than 35 years’ experience of Deep Tech development and transfer to industry, and they are expanding their biotech and life sciences activities. With expertise in public-private partnerships and bringing industry and research together, they support innovation and new ventures.


DayOne is the Healthcare Innovation initiative by Basel Area Business & Innovation and works to accelerate digital transformation in healthcare and life sciences, promoting a patient-centric and sustainable approach to healthcare.

‍Embassy of Switzerland in the United Kingdom

The Embassy’s Swissnex team is part of the Swiss global network connecting Switzerland and the world in education, research and innovation. Their mission is to support the outreach and active engagement of partners in the international exchange of knowledge, ideas and talent.


Essity is a global health and hygiene company. They have a strategic initiative, Essity Ventures, which focuses on innovative startups and entrepreneurs, particularly in feminine care and women’s health, including the areas of period pain, femtech, and menopause.

‍FemTech Analytics

FemTech Analytics is a strategic analytics agency that carries out research and in-depth analysis of companies, policies and government agencies that can make a large impact in the femtech sector.

It takes on average 8 years for endometriosis to be diagnosed, with limited treatment options available. Technology is unlocking new solutions for patients and improving quality of life.


Based in Singapore and Japan, Fermata searches for and curates femtech solutions that can help address inequality, health and social gaps in Asia; while also working to educate and support women to achieve their goals.

INSEAD Healthcare Club 

The INSEAD Healthcare Club brings together students who wish to pursue a career in the healthcare industry, those who are seeking to return to the healthcare industry, and students who simply want to learn more about this fast-growing sector.

‍Joyance Partners 

Joyance Partners is the first venture fund focused on finding and growing new companies that deliver ways to improve health and happiness through science, including areas such as neuroscience, virtual reality, and next-generation food.

RH Capital - A Rhia Ventures Fund 

RH Capital is a wholly-owned, for-profit subsidiary of Rhia Ventures. RH Capital’s venture funds invest in early and growth-stage companies that are driving innovation, access, and equity across the reproductive and maternal health landscape while delivering strong financial returns to investors.  


Roche is one of the world’s largest biotech companies, a leading provider of in-vitro diagnostics, and a global supplier of transformative innovative solutions across major disease areas. Part of their mission is to address some of the persistent challenges that women face in healthcare.


SICTIC is a non-profit organisation and the largest Business Angel Network in Switzerland, connecting innovative Swiss seed and early-stage tech startups to investors.

Swiss Biotech Association

Founded in 1998, the Swiss Biotech Association represents the interests of the Swiss biotech industry. It works to secure favourable framework conditions and facilitate access to talents, novel technologies and financial resources.‍


Swissnex is an initiative of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation and is part of the Confederation’s network abroad managed by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. It collaborates with a broad spectrum of partners related to international research and innovation with a mission to support the outreach and active engagement of their partners in the international exchange of knowledge, ideas and talent.

Women of Wearables 

Women of Wearables is a leading global organisation aiming to inspire, connect, and support women and allies in emerging technologies such as wearable tech, healthtech, and more.

Our Medical Science Director, Dr Irem Tezer Ates, was recently featured by Women of Wearables, talking about the work that we do at NuroKor and where she sees us going in the future. You can read their article here.

Our goals for the TECH4EVA 2023 Accelerator Program

What we hope to achieve

Mihna is our first femtech health solution

NuroKor Femtech’s mission is to address the unmet health needs of women, such as period pain and endometriosis, which represent a significant health inequality, and can have a severe impact on quality of life. We’re doing this using our signature technology that uses therapeutic electrical currents to tackle pain, recovery, inflammation and other issues.

The first of our solutions that we are currently working on is Mihna, an app-controlled therapeutic for managing menstrual health, the symptoms of which can include pain, stomach cramps, and more. It will also feature an international community where women can share their stories and experiences and contribute to research into how to treat conditions such as period pain and endometriosis.

Our primary goal for the programme is to advance our mission to improve women’s health and wellbeing. Therefore, during the programme here’s what we’ll be focusing on:

  • Refining and developing Mihna and the direction of NuroKor Femtech through feedback from mentors and other programme participants.
  • Make new contacts among potential partners, investors and customers.
  • Learn from other successful startups and entrepreneurs in the programme and gain valuable insights into growing our business
  • Secure further funding and investment to help us scale and grow our business and deliver the healthtech solutions that will close the health gap for women.


Being part of the TECH4EVA 2023 Accelerator Program is going to be an incredible experience for us at NuroKor Femtech. We’ve already begun to meet our mentors and other participants, and the quality is extremely high, with innovative experts from multiple areas of healthtech.

We’ll be sharing more news as the programme progresses, and you’re certain to hear more about Mihna in the coming months, so make sure to keep an eye out.

If you’d like to find out more about NuroKor Femtech or Mihna, please get in touch

About NuroKor

Founded in 2018, NuroKor is a company committed to the development of bioelectronic technologies. NuroKor develops and formulates programmable bioelectronic software for clinical and therapeutic applications, in a range of easy to use, wearable devices. It provides the highest-quality products, delivering personalised pain relief and recovery support and rehabilitation to patients.