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December 21, 2022

NuroKor’s Medical Science Director featured on Women of Wearables

Rick Rowan
Published on: 
December 21, 2022
Nurokor Team
Published on: 
December 21, 2022

NuroKor’s Medical Science Director featured on Women of Wearables

NuroKor’s Medical Science Director, Dr Irem Tezer Ates, was recently featured by Women of Wearables, where she talked about the potential of bioelectronic technology to treat chronic pain and address some of the great unmet needs in women’s health. While we recommend that you read what Irem had to say over on Women of Wearables, we’ll also outline here the significance of our technology for chronic pain.

How NuroKor’s bioelectronic technology can help with chronic pain

To best understand this, it’s useful to think about how most painkillers work. Pain itself is the result of signals sent from an area of the body to your brain, which is how we come to feel pain. The common painkillers - paracetamol, ibuprofen, opioids - prevent you from feeling pain by interfering with these signals.

Ibuprofen and drugs like it prevent the production of a group of substances in your body called prostaglandins, which are involved in inflammation in injured areas and the feeling of pain. If these prostaglandins cannot be produced, then inflammation and pain are reduced. This is one of the reasons that this group of drugs is called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

It’s not fully understood how paracetamol works, but it is likely similar to NSAIDs, although it does not prevent inflammation.

Opioids work differently - they interact with the nervous system itself to reduce how intensely you feel pain.

NuroKor’s technology uses our signature formulations of electrical stimulation to influence a range of processes in the body. This includes the ability to influence pain signals so the way they are felt is changed. The electrical stimulation can also help regulate inflammation and optimise recovery, supporting injured tissues to get better and tackling the source of pain.

Dr Irem Tezer Ates, NuroKor's Medical Science Director
Dr Irem Tezer Ates, NuroKor's Medical Science Director

Personalisation and ease of use

One of the main benefits of our bioelectronic technology is personalisation. Everyone is different, with different experiences of pain and different physiological reactions to treatments. Pharmaceutical treatments, while effective for many, are difficult to tailor for people who do not respond well to them.

We develop technology that gives people the ability to customise their treatment - how intense, for how long, exactly which treatment programme - to get the best results for them. We also work hard to make our technology seamlessly integrate with daily life, making ultra-wearable devices that can fit into a bag or pocket and be used whenever and wherever there is a need.

The future of women’s chronic pain treatment

The experience of women suffering from chronic pain is one of the largest health inequalities today. More likely to suffer from chronic pain than men and frequently dismissed or misdiagnosed - 58% of patients in the UK had to visit the doctor more than 10 times before being diagnosed with endometriosis. On top of this, treatment options are usually short-term painkillers. However, technology is creating new options for treatment and quality of life.

A recent case study with four nurses showed incredible potential to reduce period pain and the impact that it has on daily life for women around the world.

We are working hard to develop solutions to a range of unmet health needs for groups across society. Development of our first women’s health device, Mihna, is already well underway, and will offer not only a revolutionary treatment for period pain, but also a community of women around the world with whom to share stories and find support.

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In the meantime, head over to Femtech World and read Irem’s article.

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