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December 21, 2022

NuroKor wins double at Health Tech Digital Awards 2022

Rick Rowan
Published on: 
December 21, 2022
Nurokor Team
Published on: 
December 21, 2022

NuroKor wins Best Solution for Community Care and Best Wearable Technology Solution at Health Tech Digital Awards 2022

We’re double winners! We’ve won the awards for Best Solution for Community Care and Best Wearable Technology Solution at the Health Tech Digital Awards 2022! Below we’ll take a look at what these mean and how our technology is making a difference.

Just to be nominated alongside the other competitors was a great privilege, with many extremely impressive healthtech companies and NHS trusts among them.

NuroKor's awards from Health Tech Digital Awards 2022

Our successes in the community

Supporting health services and patients with treatment options that facilitate care in the community is a central part of our mission at NuroKor, whether that be through local services or in the comfort of people’s homes.

Winning the Health Tech Digital Best Solution for Community Care Award is vindication of both the effectiveness of our technology and the approach that we take, including supporting the establishment of pain clinics at pharmacies around the country

This award recognises the effects that our bioelectronic technology can have on the lives of people who are struggling with chronic and acute conditions. 

People like David Stone, who was unable to walk due to nerve damage and pain after an accident. He is now back at work and walking. Or Scott Hurst, whose arthritis impacted on his quality of life greatly, preventing him from spending time with his family and affecting his work. He can once again cycle the 70 miles per week that he did before. Or Claire Roberts, whose coccydynia caused her to rely on ever-increasing amounts of powerful painkillers. She has now cut down her painkiller usage thanks to NuroKor.

These kinds of stories are as important to us as awards, as they show the real-world impact that our technology can have.

The future of community care and health with NuroKor

Our mission to revolutionise healthcare for all members of society through bioelectronic technology and give everyone access to effective, non-invasive therapeutics continues. We are turning our expertise in AI, science and health technology to address a range of unmet health needs in women’s health, animal health, and clinical sectors.

At the same time, we are working to elevate the conversation around digital health, much as Health Tech Digital and numerous other organisations are. This is an area with huge potential but its role in the public conversation around health services doesn’t always reflect this, which is why we are passionately sharing the benefits and impacts of bioelectronic therapy. All at the same time as developing groundbreaking solutions.

Claire Roberts
Claire Roberts found support for pain through NuroKor

Best Wearable Technology Solution

Community care was not the only area of success, as we also won Best Wearable Technology Solution for the NuroKor Lifetech mibody! This device is specifically designed for use on the go or at home, providing pain relief and helping to manage inflammation wherever you are and whenever needed. It can even be used during exercise, and many elite athletes have incorporated it into their training regimes to optimise their recovery and maximise their performance.

Central to the effectiveness of mibody is our signature bioelectronic technology, which is extensively tested and refined to ensure that it achieves the best outcomes for users. mibody also offers a range of treatment programmes, enabling people to choose the one that works best for them.

A double win is a fantastic achievement and only serves to spur us on to greater heights.

Health Tech Digital

The Health Tech Digital Awards are organised by Health Tech Digital, a print and online platform dedicated to sharing the latest news about UK healthcare technology, digital health and NHS technology news and information.

Of course, we would like to thank Health Tech Digital and the judging panel: Dr Gregor Peden, Lisa Sewell, and Dr Phil Koczan for recognising the incredible benefits and potential of NuroKor. All three have extensive experience within healthcare at local and regional levels and have particular expertise in how technology can support and be implemented in health services.

About NuroKor

Founded in 2018, NuroKor is a company committed to the development of bioelectronic technologies. NuroKor develops and formulates programmable bioelectronic software for clinical and therapeutic applications, in a range of easy to use, wearable devices. It provides the highest-quality products, delivering personalised pain relief and recovery support and rehabilitation to patients.