Amir Azimi

‘When I came across NuroKor and the benefits and pain management it provides, to me there was no question that this is the company that I would like to invest in. The team behind NuroKor and the absolute drive that they had … to enrich people’s lives by providing pain management, I personally had never seen before.’

Solicitor Amir Azimi experienced the life-changing benefits of NuroKor’s technology first hand when it allowed him to manage his pain and get back into sport after a 15-year absence. He has since incorporated it into his daily routine and even shared it with his family, who also now use it.

Amir has always been looking for investments, first in property, then in stocks and shares. Now he has invested in NuroKor as he sees the difference that we are making and how passionate our team are to improve people’s lives.

The means to a better quality of life is within reach, all through the power of bioelectronic technology.