Justine Southall

Investor in NuroKor
‘It was really important for me to invest in NuroKor because I could see the opportunity, both right now in terms of what the business is doing. But also, for the future plans and opportunities in pain management and recovery, specifically for women.’

Former Managing Director of Marie Claire, Justine Southall has over 30 years’ experience running multi-platform media brands. Her interest in women’s health and finding a way to manage pain led her to bioelectronics, and it wasn’t long before she began to think about how bioelectronic technology could be used to potentially help treat female-specific pain.

Justine is now an investor in NuroKor and a member of our advisory board, with a specific focus on our Femtech vertical.

The means to a better quality of life is within reach, all through the power of bioelectronic technology.