Dr Darius Sair

Dental Practitioner
‘I think it’s going to be helping dentistry and medicine quite massively because nowadays most help is by medicine, so we have a lot of side effects – so I think NuroKor will be a good alternative.’

Dr Darius Sair is a dentist in London and has been a principal dentist in NHS practice since 2000, who sees the potential of our technology to improve the lives of patients by offering them pain management and other benefits without the side effects of traditional medications. He has a particular interest in Implantology, and Aesthetic Facial Surgery, including Facial Rejuvenation, as well astreating nervous patients using conscious sedation.

After being introduced to NuroKor by a friend, Darius has used it to support his active lifestyle and address the chronic and acute pains that come from playing sport regularly as well as the occupational health issues that dentists are prone to.

The means to a better quality of life is within reach, all through the power of bioelectronic technology.