Dr Leah Austin

Nutritionist & GP
‘I invested in NuroKor because I see the potential. It is a great technology, and it goes away from the normal medical, conventional role. … the future of bioelectronics, the way that you use it, it can become very personalised with understanding how your body is working and registering that and taking that data and then personalising it back to you.’

Dr Leah Austin is a Nutritionist and GP who specialises in providing tailored medical and nutritional care that addresses an individual’s specific situation. Her practice offers a bespoke healthcare service that takes a holistic, integrative approach using medical, psychological, lifestyle, genetic and nutritional services.

Excited by the prospect of an alternative pain management tool she can offer to patients, Dr Austin invested in NuroKor and provides medical advice and input.

The means to a better quality of life is within reach, all through the power of bioelectronic technology.