Ben Allen

Professional off-road triathlete
Ben Allen is a World Class Professional Triathlete with over a decade of racing experience. He specialises in the non-drafting format of Triathlon, from 70.3 Ironman, Long Distance and the XTERRA World Off-Road Triathlon Tour. He is three times XTERRA Asia Triple Crown Champion, three time XTERRA World Championship podium and five time Australian Cross Triathlon Champion. Ben has found that NuroKor tech is helping him recover, build strength and activate lazy muscles both pre and post races as well as reduce lactic acid levels when necessary. He has also used it with benefit on a knee injury he sustained as a teenager. 4x Australian Cross Tri Champion 21x World Tour XTERRA Champion 3x World XTERRA Champion Podium 3x Asian Triple Crown Champion.

What are your notable achievements?

My most notable achievement in my eyes, hasn't been how many titles I've won, it's been the consistency I've shown throughout my athletic career. Three times  XTERRA Asia Triple Crown Champion, three time XTERRA World Championship podium, Five time Australian Cross Triathlon Champion. I'm most proudest of the moments that I've been able to share these achievements with my wife and family. No of this would have been possible without there love and beliefs...

What's your passion ?

I'm super passionate about living an active and healthy lifestyle. When I'm fit  and healthy I feel like I can achieve anything!

What are your goals?

- To  always give 100% no matter how bad I'm feeling or hurting

- Don't compare myself to anyone else

- Believe in myself and enjoy what I do

- Be a better husband, son, uncle and friend

- Embrace challenges and don't fear failure

Why choose bioelectronics?

The demands of an elite level triathlete can be challenging at times, a partnership with NuroKor gives me the ability to answer that challenge a little bit easier. Electronic muscle stimulating device that helps activate, engage recovery and build strength. It's portable and user friendly. I take  it everywhere with me, I use it on planes, at airports, pre and post races. It's helped me with a knee injury I sustained as a teenager, stimulating "lazy" muscles an activating them so they are able to engage and perform work.

What results have you had with NuroKor devices

100%...Activating lazy muscles, stimulating recovery, flushing out lactic acid built up my aerobic and anaerobic activities.

What don’t we know about you?

I have a phobia of cotton wool. I can't stand the feel and texture of it. Deadly snakes and spiders any day of the week. I love all surf sports and riding my bike in places I haven't yet been...


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