Speedy Segev

Tough terrain runner

What are your notable achievements?

I have  won several trail running races in my country in the past years and been on  the podium many times  alongside much  younger competitors. I've been racing in Greece for a couple of years in  various trail races achieving general classification and age podiums. My last  achievment was in Yakima Skyrace in Washington US finishing 1st in age  category and the fastest elder runner. My most notable achievment is completing the Olympus Marathon for th first time this year, aiming to return  there next year and improve my times.

What's your passion ?

My passion in life is to emrace the beauty of nature as I explore it through mountain running and share my passion with others. Life is beautiful, you just have to live it right.

What are your goals?

As I reach 50 in a few months I wish to maintain my fitness and skills in trail running and to gain more experience in skyracing worldwide.

Why choose bioelectronics?

As an active athlete I have to make sure my body is always ready for the next endeavor as I continuesly push my self to the limits. MITouch BodySystem provides me the right solution for that purpose.

What results have you had with Nurokor devices

To be answered soon once I start using the MiTouch.

What don’t we know about you?

As a health freak I seek balance in life as much as possible which in itself is quite a challenge in modern times. Issues like Introspection, regulating tension and self fulfilment are my key elemets for living better and enjoying life…does it sound normal or is an oddity, I can't really tell.


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View other ambassadors

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