Madeleine Bell

Professional ballet dancer
Although Madeleine believes her biggest achievements still lie ahead of her she feels privileged to have had the opportunity to dance with the Duprada Dance Company where she has performed both as Aurora in Sleeping Beauty and as Swanhilda in Coppelia. Madeleine has a keen interest in bioelectrical medicine and feels strongly that the use of natural, holistic methods to help your body recover, heal and perform is vastly underrated in the area of sports medicine. She has found that NuroKor has helped improve her muscle recovery and isolation. She has also used the microcurrent therapy setting to complete healing the tissue damage caused by hip impingement.

What are your notable achievements?

Being  given the chance to perform Aurora and Swanhilda in the full length ballets The Sleeping Beauty and Coppelia, respectively, with Duprada Dance Company  when I was 19.  I'm am happy to say that my biggest achievements are still ahead of me - that's both exciting and scary!

What's your passion ?

I love  my family and I love to dance. Dancing makes me feel more human as odd as  that sounds! Working through class every morning is like a daily meditation  and at the same time, it’s what makes me want to improve and work on  bettering myself each and every single day. It’s a never ending journey and  at the same time each day it’s a fresh start. No matter where you go anywhere  in the world, it’s so comforting to know that both incredible principal  artists and young dancers starting their careers begin their day in the same  way - at the barre.

What are your goals?

I  have physical and technical goals of course  like being able to consistently perform multiple pirouettes, jump higher,  have better extensions, but I am also working on myself as an artist. There  are many technically perfect dancers out there today and I naturally want to  be able to physically perform at the highest standard I can, but I also want  to become the best artist I can be. I want to make an audience feel something  and leave the theatre renewed after a few hours in another world. The best  performances I have seen are not always the most technically perfect ones but  that ones that touch your soul.

Why choose bioelectronics?

I have  been interested in biomedicine for a couple of years now. The science of  making your body heal, recover and perform at its best while using holistic  and natural methods is perhaps one of the most underrated and important  scientific improvements in sports medicine. Of course this is where the  technology will get the most recognition but the beauty of this technology is  that it helps everyone. Casual gym goers to elite athletes. The kind of  technology that helps people of all walks live a happier, healthier life gets  a big yes from me.

What results have you had with Nurokor devices

Since using my NuroKor, not only have I seen an improvement in my muscle recovery  and isolation, but I was also dealing with the remnants of a hip impingement and I have seen that heal rapidly using the Microcurrent setting. I have tried different strength work, stretches and physios but the effects haven’t been long term. The fact that I can deal with this quickly and effectively and comeback stronger has been a game changer for me.

What don’t we know about you?

I’m not sure how normal I am but being normal is overrated! When I was younger I moved around a lot, we were never in the same house for more than three years! I was home-schooled along with my brother and two younger sisters with Seton Home study School, and for that I will always be so grateful to my mum.
I Love reading and find that the hardest thing about travelling is not having paper books, I always cave and buy some however as I can’t stand reading from a screen! I’m currently working on reading through a list of books that people need to read in their life and it has been so interesting! My favourite genres are biographies, philosophy, and history. Living in Europe has made me obsessed with learning more about history because as they say, “those who don’t learn from mistakes made in history are destined to repeat them”. Life is too short to make mistakes that have already been proven to be mistakes! "


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