Jacqui Slack

Off-road triathlon
Jacqui has raced in the British Triathlon Super Series, French Grand Prix, ITU European & World Cups. She currently races on the Xterra World Tour circuit, ITU Cross Triathlons and In2Adventure off road triathlons as well a few non-drafting races each year. More recently she has stepped up a distance and competed in Ironman 70.3 races finishing 3rd and 4th. Jacqui finds her NuroKor device to be a great tool, being easy to travel with and providing a good stimulus for tired muscles and sore spots so she can perform at her very best every day.

What are your notable achievements?

"For me my 2 stand out performances would be 2 x silver medals in the ITU World Cross Triathlon Championships.
2016 was in Canada and this was my first ever world championship medal this stands out for me because I had the fastest swim and run splits of the day.
 2019 in Spain was even more special the line up of female athletes was the strongest field ever assembled in a world championship.  The previous year I could not complete due to injury therefor I wanted to make 2019 count and that's exactly    what I did. I was in the moment for the whole race and managed to execute one of my best ever performances at a world championship.  
British Triathlon Super Series, French Grand Prix, ITU European & World Cups. Xterra World Tour circuit, ITU Cross Triathlons and In2Adveture off road tri’s. Ironman 70.3 races finishing 3rd and 4th."

What's your passion ?

My passion is cycling road or mountain bike. I love that my husband and I get to travel the world exploring new countries, unique cultures, trying out local foods and experiencing hidden gems that not many people know about. We love to do this by bike there's nothing better than relaxing with some great food, coffee or wine after a day on the bikes. It's always and adventure and we love doing it together.

What are your goals?

They have changed as the years have gone on and I’ve always wanted to be the best  athlete I can be but mostly I want to inspire others to believe, work hard  for it and chase your dream if that's what you really want then find a way. I'm inspired by others who don’t always  have that glistening natural talent from a young age but people overcome barriers and continue to work hard through the ups and downs to me their success like my success is very real and far more rewarding.

Why choose bioelectronics?

Being on the road for 6 months a year is tough going, you often don’t have your home comforts or your own physio to give you a rub every time you get a niggle. For me NuroKor is an excellent tool, it's easy to travel with and provides a good stimulus for tired muscles and sore spots so I can perform ay my very best everyday, that's why I choose NuroKor.

What results have you had with Nurokor devices?

As an athletes that is prone to injury it's all about ongoing prevention work. Using NuroKor after workouts, along with good rest and quality nutrition such as Nuzest has helped me stay injury free for the past 12months, enabling me to be consistent with my training. This is key to making improvements and performing at my best.

What don’t we know about you?

Well I guess my triathlon career started the opposite way around compared to most  professional athletes. At 22 I was  settled in my own home in the Uk working as a firefighter. I never  would have thought that in 6 years time I would be traveling the  world, racing and training as a professional triathlete. Crazy when I look back and my first  triathlon was when I was 21.


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