Hege Henriksen

Hege’s career as a professional Obstacle Course Runner saw her taking 1st place in the 24 hour Kvalik race as well as gaining 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in other long distance races. NuroKor's products have given Hege the opportunity to treat and prevent injuries herself and she found that following some pain in her hamstring after a sprain, she was able to get back in full training much faster.

What are your notable achievements?

These are clearly my achievements in the World Cup in 24 hours of obstacles. Have  taken two years in a row 5. Place in the elite group. And with a bad cold  right before the run this year and yet a personal length record, I still have  more to give for next year. Took 1st place in the last year's 24 hour Kvalik  race and has both 1st 2 and 3rd place in other long distance obstacle courses. This is clearly my thing.

What's your passion ?

Moving  around, playing and having fun. I am a huge fan of the mountains, both winter and summer, with all the beautiful impressions that follows being active here. And on the sport front, burning for obstacle runs, which I see more as a playground for adults, gives me the opportunity to exercise versatility with rowing and climbing as well as running and basic strength. It doesn't get boring :)

What are your goals?

I am still working towards a pallet  placement for World Championship in 24 hours in an obstacle run. But also  have a little dream to join Norseman. Otherwise, I have a goal and hope to reach more people with a healthy form of injury prevention, which is a growing trend when training has become a fashion. People think it's a tough thing to achieve, despite the injury. Such a choice may in fact be the choice  between many races, or one last one, and never again.

Why choose bioelectronics?

I have had incredibly good experience with  similar treatment with skilled personnel before. For me exercising so much, keeping myself injury-free is incredibly important. Through Nurokor's products, I have the opportunity to treat and prevent myself to a greater extent. I also get the chance to spread this opportunity to more people. A safer option to keep your body healthy without that is also cost  effective.

What results have you had with Nurokor devices

Last  year, I had an irritation in hamstrings after a sprain in August. With diligent use, I was back in full training much faster, and managed to get to the top so my qualifying run went as planned. I don't think 1st place would  have been as easy without the treatment along the way

What don’t we know about you?

On the side of my own sport, I have spent time guiding other runners with different challenges in their daily lives. I want to reach more people with the  importance of not burning out the body in training, but working safely and  having patience. In addition, drop a haircut hour in favour of preventative treatment to prevent future injuries. I see far too many people forcing the  body despite the hurts and minor flaws after poor exercise, and thus ending  up with greater stresses and sometimes even stress fractures because they  just had to. If there is one thing I have a very high focus on, it is to take  the time to heal. At my age, the results are still coming, but a little  slower than when I was 20 years old. I think the reason it is going so well  is that I have accepted this :) So how have I resolved my own impatience? Yes, because I am. I have simply put myself aside, and periodically focus on  people other than myself. I do this by accompanying the visually impaired who  need support to participate and run. It is incredibly rewarding and I learn a  lot about both having such challenges and about myself in relation to things  I take for granted. Encourage others to do the same. Find someone you can  push and help. Have fun and relax together and relax more in your everyday  life. Yes and then finally - new for this year - have participated in the  World Championships in aquatic animal racing and yeah, improve an 8. Place  for next year ha ha - I am totally hooked - we talk running in and out of  water with a "swimming animal" on the back that is minimum 110cm -  to handle obstacles.


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